IMAGINE  .....Self-cleaning surfaces such as house facades or glass surfaces are no longer visions of the future! Viruses, bacteria and fungi are rendered harmless and at the same time our vital air is freed from pollutants such as the dangerous fine dust. TitanShield® realizes these so far unimaginable possibilities of long-term and environmentally friendly self-cleaning of surfaces and air. We would be pleased to accompany you on a short journey into the nanocosmos. On the following pages we will inform you about the opportunities and technical possibilities of using our products. You will be amazed how TitanShield® can facilitate your future!

A TitanShield® coated area of 1,000 m² has an air-purifying effect of around 70 large trees. In the medium term, savings can be made by reducing the amount of facade renovation.Our products for outdoor areas are mainly used for facades, glass fronts and building elements. In addition to self-cleaning, our TitanShield® also have an amazingly potent air cleaning function by breaking down pollutants. the University of Tokio confirms.  the effective air cleaning A titanium dioxide coated area of 1000 m² can during 12 light hours clean 250,000 m³ air .from environment pollutants