The dangers of bacteria and viruses are often underestimated. In many areas of daily life, the fight against them is vital. A coating with TitanShield® reliably kills bacteria and viruses. By modifying titanium dioxide and other nano-particles, TitanShield® coatings can also be used in areas with little or no light. TitanShield® coatings are suitable as protection against bacteria and viruses, but also for antibacterial and antiviral masks and filters. TitanShield® coatings are mainly used in places such as hospitals, retirement homes and kindergartens and highly frequented places such as hotels and buses, without any harmful side effects.


Tötet wirksam 99,9% alle Bakterien und Viren


The task:

Antibacterial and antiviral treatment and coating of public places and facilities such as hospitals, schools, hotels, taxis, buses etc. Also applicable for antibacterial masks, filters, clothing, devices and products. In private houses, the product can be used for odorless disinfection, to combat allergy-causing substances, to contain contagious diseases and to neutralize odors.


The solution:

TitanShield® effectively kills almost all types of bacteria, including SARS, H5N1, etc. The effectiveness lasts for a very long time. TitanShield® can thoroughly break down bacteria and viruses, both the cell body and the endotoxins, and also stably kills new varieties of bacteria. Since the photocatalyst completely decomposes the bacteria and viruses, it does not lose its effectiveness due to the accumulation of bacterial bodies on the surface. TitanShield® is able to effectively eliminate cigarette smoke and animal odor as well as to reduce indoor allergens, which reduces the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The coating can be used to make antibacterial products such as masks, filters, and clothing.


  • Broadband sterilization

  • High and everlasting effectiveness

  • Decomposition of germ bodies and endotoxin of Virus and Bacteria

  •  Safe, no additional pollution, environmentally friendly and harmless to Human and Environment

Effectively kills 99.9% of all  bacteria  and viruses



  • The broad-spectrum sterilization effect, kills almost all kinds of bacteria and viruses

  • Suitable for the industrial production of masks, filters and devices

  • Long-term efficiency, does not need to be renewed regularly

  • Controls and inhibits the spread of mold and fungus

  • Effective against contagious diseases in public places such as hospitals, schools, hotels...

  • For antibacterial requirements at home, in the office and in the car with the simplest application.

  • For antibacterial requirements in hospitals, hotels and schools, with an excellent effect and without any odor formation (unlike chlorine oxide antiseptics)

Example.1 Anti-bacterial test of TitanShield ™  TSS40-06AG

Irradiating by 40w fluorescent lamps during testing


(Test Condition: According to GB15981-1995, tested by SGS, the whole process is under no-light condition)

Example.3 Anti-bacterial test of the lamp coated by TitanShield ™  TSS40-06

This example tests the environmental anti-bacterial performance of the lamp treated by TitanShield® nano coat. The lamps are set in a house and then test the air bacteria in the house tested by CHEMICAL LABORATORY (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD. In-house test Method based on United States Pharmacopoeia 28).