Unpleasant smells can have a significant negative impact on wellbeing. Outgassing from building materials and furniture, for example, can lead to massive damage to health. TitanShield® products sustainably eliminate unpleasant odors and air pollutants. This is done using a photocatalytic process, in which the odor is not masked, but rather the unpleasant cause of the odor is actively decomposed. Titanshield thus makes a lasting contribution to well-being and health, at home or at work.




The task:

Odor elimination and neutralization by coating textiles and other suitable materials.

The solution:

TitanShield® offers a new type of technology in the field of odor neutralization. There are two traditional methods of controlling odor so far. One is to mask the odor with perfume, the other is to chemically absorb the odor and temporarily eliminate it. TitanShield®, on the other hand, is able to oxidize organic substances and thus convert bad smells and gases into water and carbon dioxide. TitanShield® is a harmless chemical substance that itself does not cause any odor. The oxidation effect arises due to a photocatalytic reaction that does not consume itself. TitanShield® effectively eliminates most odors. It can be used in many ways, in everyday life as well as in the industrial sector. TitanShield® is available for a wide variety of surfaces and products.

TitanShield® hingegen ist in der Lage, organische Stoffe zu oxidieren und somit üble Gerüche und Gase in Wasser und Kohlendioxid umzuwandeln. TitanShield® ist eine ungefährliche chemische Substanz, welche selbst keinen Geruch verursacht. Der Oxidationseffekt entsteht aufgrund einer photokatalytischen Reaktion die sich selbst nicht verbraucht. TitanShield® beseitigt effektiv die meisten Gerüche. Es kann vielseitig eingesetzt werden, im Alltag wie im industriellen Bereich. TitanShield® gibt es für die unterschiedlichsten Oberflächen und Produkte.


  • Environmentally friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Decomposes odor molecules

  • Long-lasting effect

  • Effectively eliminates odors,

  • Neutralizes dangerous gases

  • Has an antibacterial effect