The solutions

Take a few minutes  Take your time and learn more about the diverse areas of application of TitanShield® - a fascinating technology with rosy future prospects whose limits are far from being exhausted. On the following pages, we provide an overview of the areas of application, possibilities and effects of titanium dioxide. By modifying it with other nanoparticles, it is also possible with very little light. TitanShield® can also be used on the most difficult substrates or under the most unfavorable environmental conditions.


Self-cleaning of facades and glass surfaces as if by magic. Surfaces coated with TitanShield allow the sun to break down dirt and rain to wash away what's left. With facades and window surfaces that depend on professional cleaning, this new technology can save a lot of money. TitanShield coatings can be applied to any outdoor surface, be it glass, stone, concrete, metal or plastic. In the rain, a glass panel coated with TitanShield® remains clear. The window dries without annoying dripping, the rain runs off clearly and smoothly. The view from inside and outside remains undisturbed.

The task:

Self-cleaning facades, glass elements, and exterior parts of buildings
Self-cleaning concrete elements and pavement coverings in the outdoor area

Nothing is as important as that  Air to breathe. Nevertheless, it is exposed to constant stress - in rooms from unpleasant smells or in cities from car exhaust fumes and fine dust. TitanShield® products work in both areas. Bad odors are eliminated, toxic nitrogen oxides (NOX) and organic fine dust are broken down. Nitrogen oxides from car exhaust pollute the air in our inner cities. They lead to respiratory diseases, trigger allergies and also attack buildings. TitanShield® breaks down the toxic nitrogen oxides into non-toxic nitrate, which is simply washed away by the rain.

Die Aufgabe:

  • Outdoor air purification (vehicle and industrial emissions)

  • Indoor Air Purification (Sick Building Syndrome,) Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Air purification devices and filters industry

The dangers of bacteria and viruses are often underestimated. In many areas of daily life, the fight against them is vital. A coating with TitanShield® reliably kills bacteria and viruses. By modifying titanium dioxide and other nano-particles, TitanShield® coatings can also be used in areas with little or no light. TitanShield® coatings are suitable as protection against bacteria and viruses, but also for antibacterial and antiviral masks and filters. TitanShield® coatings are mainly used in places such as hospitals, retirement homes, and kindergartens and highly frequented places such as hotels and buses, without any harmful side effects.

Tötet Zuverlässig 99,9% Bakterien und Viren ohne Chemie

Unangenehme Gerüche können das Wohlbefinden erheblich belasten. Ausgasungen beispielsweise von Baustoffen und Möbeln können zu massiven Gesundheitsschäden führen. TitanShield®-Produkte beseitigen unangenehme Gerüche und Luftschadstoffe nachhaltig. Dies geschieht durch einen photokatalytischen Prozess, bei dem nicht eine Geruchsüberdeckung, sondern eine aktive Zersetzung der unangenehmen Geruchsursache statt findet. Somit trägt Titanshield nachhaltig zu Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit, zu Hause oder auf dem Arbeitsplatz, bei.


The lotus effect? No! But on the contrary...! The term "hydrophilicity" means love of water. A water droplet forms flat on a hydrophilic surface, whereas a water droplet rolls off on a hydrophobic surface. A surface is said to be super-hydrophilic when a drop of water melts on the surface. A hydrophilic surface supports self-cleaning when it is wetted by water. Surfaces such as glass, which have hydrophilic properties when used with TitanShield, do not fog up and have a self-cleaning effect.

Dank die Forschung werden Solar Paneele ständig verbessert. Es geht oft darum, noch etwas Leistung heraus zu "kitzeln". Feinstaub und Schmutz auf den Glas Oberflächen, bedeuten allerdings Leistungsverluste, die vermeidbar sind. Die Paneele werden oft in schwer erreichbaren Stellen angebracht, was die schon teuren und aufwendigen Reinigungsarbeiten zusätzlich erschweren. TitanShield SolarCoat stellt die Optimale Lösung dar. Die Beschichtung erreicht eine aktive Selbstreinigung der Oberfläche, was die Leistung der Panelle nachhaltig um ca. 7% verbessert. Darüber hinaus wird sofort nach der Beschichtung die Licht Transmission um weitere 3% gesteigert. Die Beschichtung ist dauerhaft haltbar, kratz und reibe fest. TitanShield SolarCoat, einen Beitrag zu eine gesunde Umwelt mit langfristigen Kostenersparnissen.